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On June 1, the Texans were 100 days away from the start of their 2019 campaign.

Houston kicks off the season with a road contest at the New Orleans Saints, and the two squads will duke it out on September 9 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. is re-living, one day at a time for 100 straight days, some top moments in franchise history.

It's not necessarily a big play. Often times it will be, but we'll also focus on off-the-field moments and times that occurred before a Texans team ever suited up.

This is the 100th year of NFL football, and 18th season for the Texans. But keep this in mind, years before Houston beat the Dallas Cowboys in the organization's first regular season game in 2002, team chairman/founder/CEO Bob McNair worked to get an NFL franchise. There's quite a bit to cover over 100 days, and we hope you'll enjoy looking back at some interesting moments in Texans history.

1_Awarding of the franchise - TWITTER

Drew Dougherty and John Harris reflect on Bob McNair getting the 32nd NFL franchise for the City of Houston, and what it's meant to so many.

2_JJ WAtt pick-six in 2011 playoffs - TWITTER - Copy

In 2011, J.J. Watt had a Interception he returned for a Touchdown that would help lead the Texans to their first ever Playoff win over the Bengals.

3_First game and victory

Take a look back at the Texans first Franchise win versus the Dallas Cowboys.

4_Yates to Walter to beat the Bengals in 2011 - TWITTER

In 2011, TJ Yates' touchdown pass to Kevin Walter helped secure the Texans first AFC South division title in franchise history.

5_Johnson's fourth-down TD to beat Washington - TWITTER

Andre Johnson's fourth-down touchdown catch at Washington in 2010.

6_Texans first TD - TWITTER

The Texans first touchdown against the Dallas Cowboy in 2002.

7_Miller's 97-yard TD run vs Titans in 2018 - TWITTER

In 2018, Lamar Miller ran for a 97-yard TD to help lead the Texans to victory.

8_Watson 49-yard run vs Bears in 2017 - TWITTER

Deshaun Watson ran for a 49-yard TD in his first career start to help lead the Texans to victory.

9_Hopkins one-handed catch - TWITTER

In 2015, Deandre Hopkins makes an amazing one handed grab to defeat the Bengals.

10_Hopspins vs Dallas in 2018 - TWITTER

DeAndre Hopkins left the Dallas defense dizzy after this spectacular play.

11_RCM passes aways, Texans beat the Titans - TWITTER

In 2018 The Texans had a night to remember on Monday Night Football.

12_Texans beat the Steelers in 2002 - TWITTER

The Texans have a big win in Pittsburgh in 2002.

13_Andre Johnson drafted in 2003 - TWITTER

Andre Johnson drafted by the Texans during the 2003 NFL Draft.

14_Andre Johnson Ring of Honor - TWITTER

Andre Johnson returned to Houston to retire a Texan and became the first name entered into the Ring of Honor.

15_Watt Drafted - TWITTER

J.J. Watt is drafted to the Houston Texans.

16_Watson drafted - TWITTER

In 2017, the Texans drafted QB Deshaun Watson.

17_Foster vs. Colts in 2010 - TWITTER

Relive Arian Foster's big game against the Colts in in 2010. Foster ran for a team-record 231 yards and three touchdowns.

18_Weeden to Strong against Colts in 2015_TWITTER

In 2015, the Texans defeated the Colts for the first time in Indianapolis, thanks to a fourth-quarter Jalen Strong touchdown from Brandon Weeden.

19_Texans Beat Titans - TWITTER

In 2017, the Texans dominated the Titans 57-14, setting a Texans franchise record for points scored in a game.

20_Texans beat Raiders in Playoffs - TWITTER

The 2016, Houston Texans beat the Bengals in their first playoff game under head coach Bill O'Brien.

21_Texans beat Bengals in playoffs in 2012 - TWITTER

Led by a strong defensive effort, the Texans defeated the Bengals in the 2012 playoffs for the second-consecutive season.

22_Foster's first TD in 2009 - TWITTER

In 2009, Arian Foster scored his first touchdown against the Miami Dolphins.

23_Cushing mic'd vs. Browns in 2011 - TWITTER

Take a look back to 2011 when Brian Cushing was Mic'd up versus the Browns.

24_Texans beat McNair in 2004 - TWITTER

The Texans first-ever win against the former Oilers in 2004.

25_Hopkins drafted - TWITTER

In 2013, the Texans draft DeAndre Hopkins.

26_Watt First TD in 2014 - TWITTER

In 2014, J.J. Watt catches his first touchdown pass in Oakland on week 2.

27_Fitzmagic in 2014 - TWITTER

In 2016, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six touchdowns against the Titans.

28_Foster TD in 2011 - TWITTER

Arian Foster goes for 155 yards and a TD against the 2011 Steelers, defending AFC champions.

29_Texans names - TWITTER

In September of 2000, the newest NFL franchise officially announced that it would be named the Texans.

30_Watt catches touchdown in 2014 - TWITTER

In 2014, Watt gets a strip-sack then catches a touchdown pass in the following play against the Tennessee Titans.

31_Cushing pick-six in 2013 - TWITTER

In 2013, Brian Cushing has a pick-six on the Texans MNF opening win against the San Diego Chargers.

32_Clowney strip-sack in 2016 - TWITTER

In 2016, Jadeveon Clowney strip sacked Andrew Luck to solidify a victory in Indianapolis.

33_JJ announced in 2017 - TWITTER

In 2017, J.J. Watt was introduced at the Texans home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first game since Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston.

34_First Roadd win - TWITTER

Texans beat the Jaguars for the first-ever road victory in 2002.

35_Texans beat Dolphins in 2003 opener - TWITTER

The Texans shocked the NFL with an upset-opening win over the Dolphins in 2003.

36_Texans beat Pats in 2009 - TWITTER

Texans achieve their 1st winning season in 2009.

37-Coleman int vs Chiefs in 2004 - TWITTER - Copy

In 2004, Marcus Coleman took an interception back for a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

38_Clowney Interception in 2016 - TWITTER

In 2016, Jadeveon Clowney had an Interception while facing the Raiders in the Playoffs that would help the Texans win the game.

39_Uniform Reveal - TWITTER

On September 25, 2001, fans got their first glimpse of the inaugural Houston #Texans uniforms.

40_Texans beat Jags in 2012 - TWITTER

Andre Johnson's walkoff TD in OT vs. Jags in 2012.

41-Texans win in OT vs. Colts in 2016 - TWITTER

In 2016, the Texans came from behind to beat the Colts in overtime on Sunday Night Football.

42_Texans win 9 in 2018 - TWITTER

After a frustrating 0-3 start that sent the fans and media into football panic, the 2018 Texans made history.

43_Texans beat Lions in 2012 - TWITTER

Texans tame the Lions on Turkey day in 2012.

44_JJ catches 3 touchdown passes in 2014- TWITTER

In 2014, J.J. Watt had three Touchdown catches on offense.

45_Texans beat Bengals on Christmas Eve 2016 - TWITTER

Texans clinch 2016 division title on Christmas Eve.

46_Reid Pick 6 -TWITTER

101-yard touchdown for Justin Reid against the Redskins in 2018.

47_Johnson vs. Titans in 2009 - TWITTER

In 2009, Andre Johnson scored two touchdowns against the Titans to secure the victory.

48_30M raised for charity - TWITTER

Since inception, the Houston Texans Foundation has raised over $32 million, and just last year, the Foundation raised a record 2.12 million.

49_Williams vs. Broncos in 2007 - TWITTER

Mario Williams dominates Denver in primetime.

50_Fairbairn kicks two OT FG in 2018 - TWITTER

In 2018, Ka'imi Fairbairn kicked two game winning field goals against the Colts and Cowboys to secure last minute victories, which kicked off a nine game winning streak.

51_JJ win defensive player of the year in 2012 - TWITTER

J.J. Watt wins 2012 defensive player of the year.

52_Foter TD vs. Bears in 2012 - TWITTER

In 2012, Arian Foster dives for a touchdown catch at rainy Soldier Field in a Sunday Night Football win over the Bears.

53_Fuller vs. Bears in 2016 - TWITTER

Texans 2016 first-round draft pick, Will Fuller V, had a historic NFL debut and set a team high of five catches for 107 yards in his first game.

54_J Joe pick six vs. Bills in 2018 - TWITTER

In 2018, Johnathan Joseph intercepted Nathan Peterman for a touchdown to secure victory against the Buffalo Bills at NRG Stadium. John Harris and Drew Dougherty go to the film to break down the play.

55_Texans beat Drew Brees in 2015 - TWITTER

The Texans defense held the Saints without a TD for the first time in the Brees/Payton era.

56_Hopkins TD catch vs. Dolphins in 2013 - TWITTER

In 2013, DeAndre Hopkins and Matt Schaub connected for the OT victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.

57_Johnson vs. Dolphins in 2008 - TWITTER

Andre Johnson caught 1,012 passes in his Texans career and perhaps no reception was more important and/or more memorable than this one.

58_Andre Hal Return - TWITTER

In 2018, Andre Hal returned to the field on after beating cancer to play in a NFL game.

59_David Q first game in 2017 - TWITTER

In 2017, OL David Quessenberry returned to the field on Christmas after beating cancer to play in his first NFL game.

60_Watt 16 sacks - TWITTER

In 2018, J.J. Watt returned from back-to-back years with injury to be first-team All-Pro with 16 sacks.

61_Banks beats Carolina in 2003 - TWITTER

Battle Red Day is a Texans tradition that began with a huge upset win and maintains its status as a unique, highly-anticipated day on the schedule every year.

62_Signed Joe and Manning in 2011 - TWITTER

The Texans' 2011 offseason will go down as one of the most important in team history and it occurred during one of the most turbulent offseasons in recent NFL memory.

63_3rd and 15 Scramble in 2011 - TWITTER

In 2011, T.J. Yates scrambled on 3rd and 15 for a first down late in the game, which lead to a game-winning Touchdown to clinch the AFC South.

64_Cole's first TD ball - TWITTER

LB Dylan Cole's first touchdown in the NFL was a memorable pick six with an impactful celebration.

65_Hopkins v Jets 2015 - TWITTER

In 2015, DeAndre Hopkins and TJ Yates connected on a long touchdown in the Texans matchup against the New York Jets.

66_Foster TD playoffs 2011 - TWITTER

Arian Foster runs a 42-yard TD against the Steelers in the 2011 payoff game.

67_Texans on Hard Knocks - TWITTER

Thanks to HBO's "Hard Knocks," the Houston Texans 2015 training camp will live on forever, with over 1,500 hours of footage edited and narrated into compelling one-hour episodes.

68_Brown beats Packers in 2008 - TWITTER

In 2007, Kris Brown kicked a field goal as time expired to defeat the Packers in Green Bay.

69_Slaton Monday win over Jacksonville in 2008 - TWITTER

The win over Jacksonville was the first Monday night triumph for the Texans.

70_Hopkins catches that didn't count - TWITTER

DeAndre Hopkins produced two of the greatest "non-catches" in NFL history for this top moment.

71_Expasion Draft - Payne, Walker, etc. - TWITTER

In an array of events leading up the first game in franchise history, other than the day the team itself was awarded, the expansion draft stands out as perhaps the biggest.

72_Hurricane Harvey Relief - TWITTER

The Houston Texans Foundation has been notoriously quick to jump into action supporting - our friends and neighbors in times of need.

73_Watt 3 sacks v Colts in 2012 - TWITTER

JJ Watt wrecks the Colts with 3 sacks, 6 tackles for loss and 1 forced fumble in 2012 to clinch the division.

74_Forsett v. Detroirt in 2012 - TWITTER

In 2012, Justin Forsett scored an 81-yard TD against the Detroit Lions in a 34-31 OT victory on Thanksgiving Day.

75_Foster in 2009 v. Miami - TWITTER

In 2009, Arian Foster arrived on the scene with a splash.

76_Stadium Construction - TWITTER

On March 9, 2000, groundbreaking ceremonies for the new home of the Houston Texans took place with McNair, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and city and county leaders.

77_Mercilus sacks at Tennessee - TWITTER

Whitney Mercilus sacks the Titans in 2015.

78_Johnson v Cardinals in 2009 - TWITTER

In 2009, Andre Johnson bulldozed three Cardinals defenders to score a game-tying touchdown.

79_Shaub beats Broncos 2012 - Twitter

The Texans notched a huge win over Peyton Manning and the Broncos in 2012.

80_Brown beats the Colts in 2006 - TWITTER

In 2006, with three seconds left Kris Brown made a Field Goal that gave the Texans their first victory over the Colts in franchise history.

81_Texans beat Jaguars in 2007 - TWITTER

In 2007, Andre Davis housed not one, but two kickoffs in a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

82_Fan welcome home rally in 2011 - TWITTER

The Texans pulled off a fourth-quarter comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Back in Houston, a crowd had formed outside NRG (then Reliant) Stadium to welcome home the new division champs.

83_Watson gives game check away - TWITTER

Take a look back to 2017, Deshaun Watson donated his game check to three cafeteria employees that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

84_Simmons-Green down payment - TWITTER

In 2017, the Texans signed four-time Pro Bowler Ahman Green. He and Jason Simmons struck a deal that would change a Houston family's life.

85_Fuller punt return v. Titans in 2016 - TWITTER

In 2016, Will Fuller V broke off a 67-yard punt return for a touchdown in his rookie season against the Tennessee Titans.

86_Christmas bike giveaway - TWITTER

Each December, the Texans gave away hundreds of bikes to area children, just in time for Christmas. The players and coaches mingle with the lucky kiddos after a Friday practice.

87_Karem Jackson pick six v. Jaguars in 2015 - TWITTER

Take a look back to the 2015 season when Kareem Jackson had an interception returned for a touchdown that would help the Texans secure an AFC South championship.

88_Andre shopping spree - TWITTER

Take a look back to December of 2014, wide receiver Andre Johnson had his 8th annual toy giveaway at Toys 'R Us.

89_Manning v. Bears in 2012 - TWITTER

In 2012, Danieal Manning had a huge game against his former team, the Bears.

90_Watson to Foreman v Pats in 2017 - TWITTER

In Week 3 of the 2017 season, Deshaun Watson escapes from pressure and passes to D'Onta Foreman for a big first down against New England.

91_Watt named man of the year - TWITTER

In 2018, J.J. Watt was named the Walter Payton Man of the year after raising more the $37 million for people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

92_Watson to Hopkins at Indy in 2018 - TWITTER

In 2018, the Texans began their nine-game winning streak with an overtime victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

93_Texans play in Mexico City in 2016 - TWITTER

With over 87,000 screaming fans looking on, the Houston Texans played in one of the most-highly anticipated games in 2016. On Nov. 21, 2016, the 7-2 Texans and the 7-2 Oakland Raiders faced off in the first-ever Monday Night Football game to be played outside the U.S.

94_Watt vs Buffalo in 2014 - TWITTER

J.J. Watt was a menace in the 2014 home win over the Bills, as he found the end zone for the second of five times that season.

95_Texans beat Bears in 2004 - TWITTER

Brrrr. The Texans play in 12 degree weather, with a 21-mile-per-hour wind blowing in a win on the road at Chicago.

96_Texans Care Volunteer Day-TWITTER

Texans Care Volunteer Day began with a bang: players, coaches, cheerleaders, TORO the mascot, front office staff and fans of the team fanned out across the city to volunteer their time at a variety of charitable organizations.

97_Texans demolish Ravens in 2012_TWITTER

In 2012, the Texans knocked off the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC clash in Week 7.

98_HTY opening in 2011 - TWITTER

Texans late founder, chairman and CEO Bob McNair (1937-2018) and his wife, Janice, helped cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the Houston Texans YMCA, the first YMCA in the country to be named after a professional sports team. In 2011, the Houston Texans YMCA opened its doors to the Third Ward community.

99_Watt in 2014 vs browns - TWITTER

J.J. Watt shows off his all-around ability as he hauls in a sideline grab for a touchdown versus the Cleveland Browns in Week 11 of the 2014 NFL Season.

100_Johnson TD in 2009 - TWITTER

At No. 100, Andre Johnson caught a 64-yard touchdown to start the fireworks in Week 14 back in 2009. Houston would race out to a 24-0 lead en route to a 34-7 triumph.