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Videos - January 2013

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2013-01-01 Miss January: Michelle and Rachel
2013-01-01 NFL Network: QB Comparison Schaub vs. Dalton
2013-01-01 NFL Network: McClain on 'Around the League'
2013-01-01 Texans Daily: Focus on Bengals
2013-01-02 NFL Network: Cushing talks Ray Lewis
2013-01-02 Texans Daily: Crowd noise, Bengal offense
2013-01-03 Puntos Extra: Antes de los Bengals
2013-01-03 Texans Daily: Ready for Cincinnati
2013-01-04 NFL Network: How the Texans got here
2013-01-04 Friday Facebook Mailbag: January 4
2013-01-04 Vandermeer's Take: Texans vs. Bengals
2013-01-04 More from... Iya
2013-01-04 Texans-Bengals Google + Hangout
2013-01-04 NFL Network Playbook: Texans vs. Bengals
2013-01-05 TORO, Cheerleaders visit Methodist patients
2013-01-05 NFL Network: Word on the Street
2013-01-05 Highlight: Foster 17-yard run
2013-01-05 Highlight: J.J. Watt sacks Andy Dalton
2013-01-05 Highlight: Foster TD run
2013-01-05 Joseph picks off Dalton
2013-01-05 Highlights: Foster vs. Bengals
2013-01-05 Highlights: Texans beat Bengals
2013-01-05 NFL Network: Watt talks big Texans win
2013-01-05 Texans-Bengals postgame press conference
2013-01-05 Sonic Game Recap: Texans topple Bengals
2013-01-06 NFL Network: Keys to Victory
2013-01-06 Brian McKnight sings Star-Spangled Banner
2013-01-06 2012: Best of Matt Schaub
2013-01-06 Clay Walker pregame performance
2013-01-07 Divisional preview: Texans vs. Patriots
2013-01-07 Kubiak locker room speech after win vs. Bengals
2013-01-07 Inside the Game: January 7
2013-01-07 Cheer Highlights: Texans vs. Bengals
2013-01-07 NFL Network: Lombardi on Texans-Pats
2013-01-07 Kubiak Monday press conference
2013-01-08 Payne Explains: Watt sack vs. Bengals
2013-01-09 Weekly Conversation with GM Rick Smith
2013-01-09 Inside the Churrasco's Club
2013-01-09 NFL Network: Texans vs. Pats buildup
2013-01-09 HCC Students Tour Media Studios
2013-01-09 NFL Network: Can Watt be used differently?
2013-01-09 Texans Daily: Patriots Prepwork
2013-01-10 2012: Best of Arian Foster
2013-01-10 'Sound FX': Texans beat the Bengals
2013-01-10 Puntos Extra: Antes de los Patriots
2013-01-10 NFL Network: Can Texans disrupt Pats offense?
2013-01-10 NFL Network: Vandermeer on second chance
2013-01-10 Texans Daily: Awards, motivation
2013-01-11 Friday Facebook Mailbag: January 11
2013-01-11 NFL Network: Texans at Pats X-Factors
2013-01-11 Texans Daily: Graham a Go
2013-01-12 Vandermeer's Take: Texans at Patriots
2013-01-12 NFL Network Playbook: Texans at Pats
2013-01-12 NFL Network: Besting Belichick
2013-01-13 More from... Kelli
2013-01-13 NFL Network: How to stop Brady and Co.
2013-01-13 NFL Network: Rackets sub in for Watt practice
2013-01-13 Highlight: Manning 94 yd kickoff return
2013-01-13 Highlight: Johnson 16-yard catch
2013-01-13 Highlight: Arian Foster 1-yd TD run
2013-01-13 Highlight: Graham hits record 55-yard FG
2013-01-13 Highlights: Foster vs. the Pats
2013-01-13 GameDay: Texans vs. Patriots highlights
2013-01-13 Texans at Pats postgame press conference
2013-01-14 Sonice Game Recap: Texans fall to Pats
2013-01-14 NFL Network: McClain on 'Around the League'
2013-01-14 Texans clean out lockers Monday morning
2013-01-14 Kubiak Monday press conference
2013-01-14 Inside the Game: January 13
2013-01-15 HCC: Talking Texans
2013-01-15 HCC: Smart Decision at Pats
2013-01-15 HCC: Coaching Review
2013-01-15 HCC: 2012 Texans Awards
2013-01-15 HCC: Rookie Review
2013-01-15 HCC: Offseason topics
2013-01-15 Texans describe areas to improve
2013-01-16 Team explains reasons for optimism
2013-01-16 Puntos Extra: Texans y Patriots
2013-01-17 Players describe plans for immediate future
2013-01-17 More from... Lexa
2013-01-17 'Sound FX': Texans at Patriots
2013-01-18 Friday Facebook Mailbag: January 18
2013-01-19 Vandermeer's Take: January 19
2013-01-20 NFL Network Draft Tracker: Top 5 pass rushers
2013-01-21 2012 Awards Segment
2013-01-21 Vanessa to represent HTC in Hawaii
2013-01-22 More from... Liliana
2013-01-22 NFL Network: Emerging players at Senior Bowl
2013-01-23 NFL Network: Senior Bowl head-turners
2013-01-23 Mayock and Davis: Senior Bowl winners
2013-01-23 DE J.J. Watt mic'd up during Pro Bowl practice
2013-01-24 Senior Bowl Snapshot: SMU DE Margus Hunt
2013-01-24 Arian Foster: Running wild in Hawaii
2013-01-25 One-on-one: Brown talks Pro Bowl week
2013-01-25 Texans talk from Pro Bowl
2013-01-25 Senior Bowl Snapshot: Texas WR Marquise Goodwin
2013-01-25 Surprising stars of the Senior Bowl
2013-01-25 Mic'd Up: Foster shows off comical side
2013-01-26 Senior Bowl Snapshot: CMU LT Eric Fisher
2013-01-26 1-on-1: Schaub at Pro Bowl
2013-01-26 Johnson on season, Pro Bowl experience
2013-01-26 Texans Daily from Hawaii
2013-01-26 E.J. Manuel coming into Draft at 'perfect time'
2013-01-27 NFL Network: Joseph on Texans and Super Bowl
2013-01-27 Daniels, Myers, Joseph at Pro Bowl
2013-01-27 1-on-1: Wade Smith at Pro Bowl
2013-01-27 Texans Daily: Ohana Day at the Pro Bowl
2013-01-27 Texans Cheerleader Vanessa at Pro Bowl
2013-01-27 NFL Network: From Houston to Honolulu
2013-01-27 Bloody J.J. Watt shows off his hand
2013-01-27 Highlight: Schaub to Cribbs for TD
2013-01-28 Senior Bowl Snapshot: Alabama LB Nico Johnson
2013-01-28 More from... Lindsey
2013-01-29 Scurfield and Vandermeer wrap Pro Bowl
2013-01-29 Senior Bowl Snapshot: La. Tech WR Quinton Patton
2013-01-29 Watt wraps up Pro Bowl Week
2013-01-30 More from... Loren
2013-01-30 Senior Bowl Snapshot: Rice TE Vance McDonald
2013-01-30 Johnson speaks after Pro Bowl
2013-01-30 Schaub, Foster, Daniels after Pro Bowl
2013-01-30 Texans O-line Pro Bowlers discuss game, week
2013-01-31 Senior Bowl Snapshot: Texas A&M LB Sean Porter
2013-01-31 NFL Network: Watt on MVP, more
2013-01-31 NFL Network: Foster talks SB RB's
2013-01-31 Mic'd Up: TE Owen Daniels