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Articles - December 2003

Published On Title
2003-12-01 Texans make roster moves
2003-12-01 Coach Capers' press conference
2003-12-02 Texans make more roster moves
2003-12-03 Texans sign Slechta, place Stevens on injured reserve
2003-12-03 Conference calls: Jacksonville Jags
2003-12-03 Any given snap
2003-12-03 Any given snap
2003-12-04 Texans to host Copa Libertadores
2003-12-04 Davis wins fifth Rookie of the Week honor
2003-12-05 Carr, Davis game-time decisions
2003-12-05 Rush to judgment
2003-12-08 Texans place Clemons on injured reserve
2003-12-08 Long December
2003-12-10 Texans place Glenn on injured reserve
2003-12-10 Conference calls: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2003-12-10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Conference Calls
2003-12-10 Rookie on the Rise
2003-12-10 Glenn out for the season
2003-12-11 Still waiting on quarterback decision
2003-12-11 Returning the Favor
2003-12-12 Another game-time decision
2003-12-15 Coach Capers' press conference
2003-12-15 No quit in this group
2003-12-16 Conference calls: Tennessee Titans
2003-12-16 Sharper wins 2003 Quarterback Club Award
2003-12-17 Run to daylight
2003-12-19 Carr to return against Titans
2003-12-22 Texans place two more on injured reserve
2003-12-22 Coach Capers' press conference
2003-12-22 Triple threat
2003-12-23 Texans to host Fan Appreciation Day
2003-12-24 Conference calls: Indianapolis Colts
2003-12-24 Fearsome foursome
2003-12-26 Texans sign Dawson to active roster
2003-12-26 Looking for an encore
2003-12-28 Full steam ahead
2003-12-29 Looking ahead
2003-12-29 Capers' season-ending press conference