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Articles - April 2014

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2014-04-01 BWTB: Happy Opening Day
2014-04-01 Bill O'Brien answers questions at Town Hall
2014-04-01 Bill O'Brien: Jadeveon Clowney is a "unique talent"
2014-04-02 Live Chat with Alto Gary
2014-04-02 Tweets From Clowney's Pro Day
2014-04-02 O'Brien pleased with Clowney's Pro Day
2014-04-02 Jadeveon Clowney shines at Pro Day
2014-04-02 Two Texans players rooting for Clowney
2014-04-02 Clowney visiting Houston "in next month"
2014-04-03 BWTB: Jadeveon Clowney Pro Day recap
2014-04-03 Texans named one of 'Houston's Healthiest Employers' by HBJ
2014-04-03 Texans Re-Sign Elbert Mack
2014-04-04 BWTB: Conditioning work starts Monday
2014-04-04 Clowney wants to learn from J.J. Watt
2014-04-04 QB Watch: Jimmy Garoppolo
2014-04-07 BWTB: Arm strength vs. accuracy
2014-04-07 ESPN analyst high on Mike Vrabel's future
2014-04-07 RB Andre Brown signs with Texans
2014-04-07 Ryan Griffin excited for UConn's title run
2014-04-08 BWTB: Insight into Bill O'Brien
2014-04-08 Weight room changes, MMA tactics new in offseason
2014-04-08 Duane Brown adds 20 lbs, feels stronger than ever
2014-04-09 Offseason Workouts: Phase 1 with Craig Fitzgerald
2014-04-09 BWTB: Final Four Connections
2014-04-09 VanderMock 3.0
2014-04-09 Texans announce 2014 preseason schedule
2014-04-10 BWTB: Pick the 2014 Squad
2014-04-10 Advocare Texas Kickoff single-game tickets on sale
2014-04-10 Mettenberger on O'Brien: "He's a football genius."
2014-04-11 BWTB: Andre Johnson, Hall of Famer
2014-04-11 Case Keenum recognizes Youth of the Year recipient
2014-04-11 Live Chat: Deepi Sidhu
2014-04-11 Arian Foster expects to return for OTAs
2014-04-11 Arian Foster's Draft Day makes debut in Houston
2014-04-14 BWTB: Kids Draft Picks for No. 1
2014-04-14 Texans Draft Party pres. by Coors Light on May 8
2014-04-15 BWTB: Learning from Belichick
2014-04-15 Texans President Jamey Rootes named Impact Award winner
2014-04-15 Case Keenum: "We’re speaking a different language"
2014-04-15 Texans sign Ricardo Mathews
2014-04-15 Brian Cushing calls Clowney “an instant impact player”
2014-04-16 BWTB: Bill Kollar wrestled a bear
2014-04-17 BWTB: 2014 HTC Squad Announced
2014-04-17 QB Watch: Aaron Murray
2014-04-19 Texans 'On the Clock': Blake Bortles
2014-04-20 Texans 'On The Clock': Teddy Bridgewater
2014-04-21 Texans 'On The Clock': Jadeveon Clowney
2014-04-21 BWTB: J.J. Watt at Rockets game
2014-04-22 BWTB: The Silly Season Continues
2014-04-23 BWTB: Pick History with Texans' 11
2014-04-23 Vandermeer's View: Not as easy as you think
2014-04-23 By the Numbers: Texans 2014 Schedule
2014-04-23 Week 5 will feature Texans at Cowboys
2014-04-23 Texans 2014 schedule: Reunion games
2014-04-23 Top 5 most intriguing players to face Texans at home
2014-04-23 Texans 2014 schedule: Playoff matchups
2014-04-23 Texans 2014 Schedule Released
2014-04-24 BWTB: Annual cheerleader photo shoot underway
2014-04-24 Texans host Battle Red Ladies Happy Hour
2014-04-25 BWTB: If the Texans played today...
2014-04-25 QB Watch: Tom Savage
2014-04-28 BWTB: J.J. Watt and Barbara Bush
2014-04-28 Texans QB Draft Board
2014-04-28 Goodell: NFL Draft could expand to 4 days
2014-04-29 BWTB: Bridgewater's backup plan
2014-04-29 Texans RB Draft Board
2014-04-29 3 Texans make Top 50 in jersey sales
2014-04-30 BWTB: Posey putting in work
2014-04-30 Texans WR Draft Board
2014-04-30 GM Rick Smith: “I absolutely know who I want”