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Articles - September 2009

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2009-09-01 Postgame notebook: Texans vs. Vikings
2009-09-01 Four roster cuts coming today
2009-09-01 Texans release four players
2009-09-01 Texans make Johnson trade official
2009-09-01 Kubiak updates Schaub's health
2009-09-01 Kubiak: Schaub day-to-day
2009-09-02 Wednesday AM Quickhits
2009-09-02 Practice quotes: Wednesday
2009-09-02 Practice report: Tampa prep
2009-09-03 Decisions loom for Texans
2009-09-03 Fantasy Challenge
2009-09-03 Free Autographs!
2009-09-03 Texans cierran pre temporada con mucho por lograr
2009-09-03 Five things to watch: Texans vs. Buccaneers
2009-09-03 Part 1: Kubiak talks offense with Vandermeer
2009-09-04 Friday Fun
2009-09-04 Just Scrolled Across NFL Network...
2009-09-04 Tons of inactives in preseason finale
2009-09-04 Texans end preseason with 27-20 victory at Tampa
2009-09-04 Starting lineup changes for the game
2009-09-04 Texans vs. Buccaneers Game Blog
2009-09-04 Preseason finale answers questions
2009-09-05 Postgame notebook: Texans at Bucs
2009-09-05 Texans Ambassador Profile: Charlie Frazier
2009-09-05 Texans release 22 players
2009-09-05 Kubiak announces roster cuts
2009-09-05 Quotes: Kubiak discusses cuts, injuries
2009-09-06 Kevin Walter: Dialed In
2009-09-06 Dunta ends holdout, signs tender
2009-09-06 Practice report: Dunta welcomed back
2009-09-06 Texans sign eight to practice squad
2009-09-07 Jets quick hits
2009-09-07 Monday a.m. quick hit
2009-09-07 AFC South stuff
2009-09-07 Part 2: Kubiak talks defense with Vandermeer
2009-09-07 Rookie diary: James Casey
2009-09-08 Daniels, Casey and the Cheerleaders
2009-09-08 Grossman named No. 2 QB
2009-09-08 Practice report: Grossman named top backup
2009-09-08 Practice quotes: Tuesday
2009-09-08 No rust for Robinson in first practice
2009-09-09 OhNineOhNineOhNine AM blog
2009-09-09 Scouting report: New York Jets
2009-09-09 Jets quick hits
2009-09-09 Texans top ranked team in Yahoo! fantasy
2009-09-09 More National Love for the Texans
2009-09-09 Conference call: New York Jets
2009-09-09 Practice quotes: Wednesday
2009-09-09 Schaub ready to roll
2009-09-09 Practice report: Monitoring Robinson, Cushing
2009-09-10 Injury Updates and Greenman at the game
2009-09-10 Week 1 fantasy picks
2009-09-10 Jenny Winston diary: In-season schedule
2009-09-10 Texans definen plantel con Jets en la mirada
2009-09-10 Okoye aware of expectations
2009-09-10 Practice quotes: Thursday
2009-09-10 Peter King Likes the Texans
2009-09-10 Practice report: Ready for Rex
2009-09-10 Cushing, Sanchez excited to face off
2009-09-11 Okoye, Myers and Gibbs
2009-09-11 Practice quotes: Friday
2009-09-11 Jets beat writer picks Texans to win
2009-09-11 Practice report: Set for Sunday
2009-09-11 Five things to watch: Texans vs. Jets
2009-09-13 Texans vs. Jets roof report - Closed
2009-09-13 Football season... it's finally here
2009-09-13 Texans lose 24-7 to Jets
2009-09-13 Texans/Jets Inactives, lineup changes
2009-09-13 Texans-Jets game blog
2009-09-13 Postgame quotes: Texans vs. Jets
2009-09-13 Offense sputters versus Jets
2009-09-13 Postgame notebook: Texans vs. Jets
2009-09-14 En pobre salida, Texans pierden primero del 2009
2009-09-14 Kubiak looks forward after Jets loss
2009-09-14 Already an uphill battle
2009-09-14 Robinson discusses shoes, comments
2009-09-14 Texans quotes: Monday
2009-09-15 Nick Scurfield Question & Answer
2009-09-15 Kubiak and Robinson
2009-09-15 Titans quick hits
2009-09-15 LB Davis released from P-squad
2009-09-15 Casey draws big crowd in Go Texan Store
2009-09-16 Tons of coverage on the way
2009-09-16 Scouting report: Tennessee Titans
2009-09-16 Texans practice with crowd noise, new running back
2009-09-16 Conference calls: Tennessee Titans
2009-09-16 Andre Johnson: Full steam ahead
2009-09-16 Practice report: Tempo increased
2009-09-16 Una mejor actitud puede marcar la diferencia
2009-09-16 Practice quotes: Wednesday
2009-09-17 Thursday tidbits
2009-09-17 Practice report: Casey's chance?
2009-09-17 Texans take exception to "soft" talk
2009-09-17 Titans quick hits
2009-09-17 Week 2 fantasy picks
2009-09-17 Practice quotes: Thursday
2009-09-17 Week 1 fantasy recap
2009-09-18 Friday fun
2009-09-18 Rookie diary: James Casey
2009-09-18 Titans beat writer: Close game on the horizon
2009-09-18 Practice report: Schaub bounces back
2009-09-18 Practice quotes: Friday
2009-09-18 Five things to watch: Texans at Titans
2009-09-20 Texans-Titans game blog
2009-09-20 Texans win 34-31 thriller at Tennessee
2009-09-20 One for the ages
2009-09-20 Postgame notebook: Texans at Titans
2009-09-20 Schaub, Johnson reach milestones in victory
2009-09-20 Postgame quotes: Texans at Titans
2009-09-21 Texans logran triunfo impresionante sobre Titans
2009-09-21 Monday's not so bad after a win
2009-09-21 Kubiak comments on Week 2 win
2009-09-21 Pleased with win, Kubiak still wants improvement
2009-09-22 Nick Scurfield Question & Answer
2009-09-22 Cushing nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week
2009-09-22 Schaub nominated for FedEx Air award
2009-09-22 Jags quick hits
2009-09-22 Scouting report: Jacksonville Jaguars
2009-09-22 Fight fallout: Fisher expects Johnson to be fined
2009-09-22 Stuff to brighten a soggy Tuesday
2009-09-23 Battle Red Ladies Night a hit
2009-09-23 Texans make p-squad moves
2009-09-23 Schaub named AFC Offensive Player of the Week
2009-09-23 Del Rio, Jones-Drew conference calls
2009-09-23 Conference calls: Jacksonville Jaguars
2009-09-23 Practice report: Prepping for Jacksonville
2009-09-23 Reports: Texans Pitts place on I.R., sign Pollard
2009-09-23 Practice quotes: Wednesday
2009-09-23 Cushing making his mark
2009-09-23 Week 2 fantasy recap
2009-09-24 Week 3 fantasy picks
2009-09-24 La temporada de Pitts llega a su fin
2009-09-24 Texans place Pitts on I.R., sign free agent Pollard
2009-09-24 Slaton only four pounds heavier this season
2009-09-24 Late Thursday quickhit
2009-09-24 Practice quotes: Thursday
2009-09-24 Studdard preparing for first start
2009-09-24 Practice report: Walter eyes return
2009-09-24 Johnson, Jones discuss fines
2009-09-25 A Day of Firsts
2009-09-25 Jags beat writer: Game will turn on Jones-Drew
2009-09-25 Practice report: More playing time for Busing
2009-09-25 Practice quotes: Friday
2009-09-25 Rookie diary: James Casey
2009-09-25 Mailbag: On Battle Red Day, Walter
2009-09-26 Five things to watch: Texans vs. Jaguars
2009-09-27 Texans vs. Jags roof report - Closed
2009-09-27 Steve Slaton: Battle ready
2009-09-27 Inactives, lineup changes for Texans-Jags
2009-09-27 Texans suffer 31-24 defeat to Jaguars
2009-09-27 Texans-Jaguars game blog
2009-09-27 Walter makes stellar return
2009-09-27 Postgame quotes: Texans vs. Jaguars
2009-09-27 Postgame notebook: Texans vs. Jaguars
2009-09-28 Living on the edge
2009-09-28 Kubiak, players discuss defensive struggles
2009-09-28 Kubiak preaches consistency
2009-09-28 Kubiak asks league to review P.I. call on Walter
2009-09-29 Nick Scurfield Question & Answer
2009-09-29 Martinez promotes Play 60
2009-09-29 Kubiak sees problem as execution, not defense
2009-09-29 Por tierra y en tercer down, escuadra defensiva tiene problemas
2009-09-29 Scouting report: Oakland Raiders
2009-09-30 Mixed bag Wednesday
2009-09-30 More news and notes
2009-09-30 Daniels draws big crowd at Go Texan Store
2009-09-30 Conference calls: Oakland Raiders
2009-09-30 Practice quotes: Wednesday
2009-09-30 Practice report: Ready for Raiders
2009-09-30 Week 3 fantasy recap
2009-09-30 'Dre vs. Asomugha worth watching
2009-09-30 Cable, Asomugha heap praises on Johnson